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A fucking awsome band.
Atreyu fucking rocks. Rock the fuck on.(
by Tia April 18, 2005
hotty sexy lady that all guys want
i love my tia ......... she's so tia
by tia December 11, 2004
It's when your stomach stick out more tha your booty-do
Brianna you got booty-do!
by Tia October 19, 2003
Full name 'Druex Pierre Fredricks,Born november 26.He is the rapper for the group B2K.
Description :- Talented Rapper and a good looking caramel colour.
'Lil'fizz is the best boy in the world'
Could be used as an example
by Tia September 30, 2003
You get guys juct to get their dicks, once you get their dicks you get rid of them, leaveing you a one night whore and a dickwhore as we call it.
Alicia is a dickwhore, she only went out with Nick to get his dick then to get rid of him, now she is hated by all and is a dickwhore.
by Tia March 18, 2004
When one encounters Farkan on a blind date or similar situation in which a male is assumed to be attractive, but he turns out to be a flop.
Tia went out tonight, she came home and said she got totally farkanated.
by Tia April 02, 2004
THE CUTEST LITTLE ASIAN GURL IV EVER MET!!!! likes to pee in bathtubs.
ps..she is a loser!
by Tia January 13, 2004
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