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Transitive verb.

'To Billbob' is to act in an inappopriate sexual manner towards women, particularly loli
That 13-year-old got totally billbobed in IRC last night
by SomeRandomFag August 24, 2008
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The word 'Billbob' has been known to take the meaning of literally anything. The word can also be used when wanting to address a certain person, namely Billbob Bermingham (who has a FIT FIT 8 year old sister...Fionabob Bermingham).
Everything about you so BILLBOB. Sweat dripping over my BILLBOB.
Oi Billbob, get your flabby rippling belly over here and scrape Stebbings' smegma off with your teeth.
by McJord April 12, 2005
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Bilbob is a term which can be used in several contexts. Primarily it is in worship of the Great and hairy Bilbob who is the true messiah.

However, the pur e term has been corrupted to be a general hail of a friend or a lyric wich fits in all good songs (see definition posted by Jord)
I love u Bilbo b, and if its quite alright....
bilbobs gonna get ya...

Let us pray to the great hairy bilbob
by Bilbob April 13, 2005
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when someone named bill trys to stick his friend named bob in your asshole in an act of robbing you..this act works when u are a street corner hooker. it is also the act of being sexually intamite with two men named bob and bill
dude last night bob got stuck the fuck up cindys ass...i couldnt get him out and when i pulled him i left a shoe up there she'll be walking stiff till that shit falls out GGG
by brit April 26, 2003
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