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2 definitions by McJord

The word 'Billbob' has been known to take the meaning of literally anything. The word can also be used when wanting to address a certain person, namely Billbob Bermingham (who has a FIT FIT 8 year old sister...Fionabob Bermingham).
Everything about you so BILLBOB. Sweat dripping over my BILLBOB.
Oi Billbob, get your flabby rippling belly over here and scrape Stebbings' smegma off with your teeth.
by McJord April 12, 2005
A person's goolies or private parts. Are often very delicate and easily damaged, causing severe pain, particularly to the male population of the world.
Ahh, Brownie kicked me right in me jelabbies! I'm gonna step on his arthritic toe for that!
by McJord April 13, 2005