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Slang - Meaning to hint at a massive scale therefore 'billboarding' esp. used when begging for attention.

Created in NZ- March 2004 Amelia MJ&CO in honour of Steph
Thanks meals! lol
OMG I just got a text! hinting that one is loved&wanted because they just got some kinda freakin text and in an attempt to make others feel jealous usually.
by Naidi May 31, 2004
Someone who practically advertises either, how drunk they are, how high they are, how gay they are, etc
Stacie: OMG guys I had 1 drink, 1 smoke, and I kissed a girl, I am so high/drunk/gay right now
Jared: She really should stop billboarding
by coluscus June 07, 2014
When a girl advertises that she wants to get it. It could be a slutty shirt, an outragous statement "I need to get laid", or just being an easy ho and letting everybody know it.
"Look at that girl's skirt, you can see her cooch...that bitch is straight billboarding".
by Tim and Dan October 15, 2007
When someone advertises something through clothing/bumper stickers/etc.
"You gonna buy that Chimaira t-shirt?"
"Nah, man. I'm not billboarding for a band I don't like that much."
by Garret February 07, 2005
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