Another method of brainwashing the public with corporate propagand, covered with propaganda patterned wallpaper and stuck on with paste.
I saw this billboard the other day, and the advert on it told me to watch the news channel, so i did. Dunno why though...
by Mad Vlad July 06, 2003
Top Definition
A dead rapper.He was a member of the Black Wall Street", from Compton California
RIP Billboard, an up and coming rapper who never got the chance to make it big
by The Game January 12, 2005
(v.) To draw or write on the skin of a person who has passed out from drinking. Often, the artwork is rendered in permanent marker (Sharpies predominate), with cartoon penises and profane words being popular themes.
After Mike passed out on the couch, a bunch of people at the party billboarded him.
by Inox July 05, 2007
A corporation that keeps track of Album Sales. It likes to tell you what to listen to, like MTV.
Did anybody watch the Billboard awards last night? Shitney Queers got 2 awards! That's why I went out and bought her album ASAP!
by Justin Timberlake July 06, 2003
In Dallas Texas, a place to advertise strip joints and Hooters. If you have been to this city, you know what I mean.
The majority of billboards in Dalls TX feature half-nakewd women. I guess texans are more fond of chixplotation than other states. Picture coming soon.
by yobastank October 26, 2004
brilliant, excellent, top. apart from amy winehouse i've never heard anyone say it... blatantly london scene kids will lap it up though.
simon amstell: "re you not having a nice time?"

amy winehouse: "yes i am having a BILLBOARD time!"
by Boris1986 June 14, 2007
Something where companies post colorful, bright, annoying advertisements to distract you while you're driving or watching a game.
Oh great, I missed the second inning because of that stupid flashing Coke billboard!

Sorry, Officer, I wasn't watching the light, I was checking out the sexy Victoria's Secret billboard.
by Loki July 02, 2003
billboard- a big sign that usually advertises a place or product(usually seen next to a road)
I felt it rather strange to see a billboard that advertised an adult bookstore while on the way home.
by Scott M. July 10, 2003
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