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a. Food wastes, as from a kitchen.
b. Refuse, trash.
"Where is the billage can?" "My, that billage smells rotten." "Please dispose of the billage immediately."
by Snake McGee May 09, 2006
Noun 1. A walled off part of a town or village that is under strict rule by a king or another form of government.
Dude I was just in that Billage and I was considered the richest person in there! I only have 1 penny!
by Lord Legault December 22, 2011
A tent city in the back yard of a chill hippy on Hornby Island B.C. It is the most potent place on earth.
Yo dude take Dayne back to the billage he is way to hammed!
by H-06 July 14, 2006
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