Baldy I'd Like to Fuck
"Dude, Nick Thompson from Hit The Lights is such a BILF!"
"IKR!?! OMFG and what about Mat Love from Mercy Mercedes? NOMM!"
"Ahh, Matt's such a BILF too!"
by tFTW June 24, 2009
A Bill you'd like to f*ck -- especially a Wild Bill.

Can be used as a noun, verb or adjective.
Wild Bill has bilfed everyone in town.

Wild Bill is a Bilf

Bilf is as wild as the come!!!
by themilf October 07, 2013
"Baby I'd Like to Fuck"

-Stewie Griffin, from Family Guy
BILF at 12 o'clock
by DJ Kit January 16, 2011
a very good looking butler that you would like to interact sexually with.
oh my lord, did you see that Bilf that opend the door for me...he was gorgeous
by JDM240sx April 12, 2011
Acronym meaning Band I'd Like to fuck. Referring to a band that is so good that you would like to fuck them.
Dude these guys have to be B.I.L.F's I'd tear them up.
by Pig1991 April 27, 2009
BILF is BOSS I'd Like to Fuck.
The whole point of having the acronym (like MILF) is that it's a bit taboo.
My BILF works me really hard. Yeah, baby.

Oooh, the BILF is coming! Time for me to stand by the copier and look cute....
by creaternity June 09, 2006
Bubbe I'd Like to Fuck.
That Bubbe over there is so fuckin hott. She's such a BILF.
by BubbeLover October 19, 2010
This acronym usually refers to a Boi (as in the gay type - refer to boi) I (would) Like (to) F*ck (as in have sex with).

The connotation of boi implies that the one saying bilf is not a boi. Or in other words is not straight.

So basically, when a "straight" guy refers to a gay guy as someone the former would like to have sex with.

This is a definition that breaks gender norms and has been used among straight buddies, and has been accepted as a norm, regardless of its context, sarcastic or serious.
The straight guy points at the hot gay guy in the club and tells his buddy, "Hey there is a BILF!" His buddy laughs and concurs.
by theseducer April 13, 2009

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