Baby I'd Like to Fuck.
Used by Stewie Griffin in "Family Guy" in reference to a baby he found attractive in a supermarket.
Stewie: "Ooh, ooh! BILF, total BILF"
Stewie: "Yeah so I got 6 pacifiers"
BILF: "..."
Stewie "Well, that was a big nothing"
by BassMZero January 16, 2011
Brother I'd Like to Fuck. not your actual brother, unless you are from Alabama, but someone who is close to you like a brother, but you also think he is hot.
Danny, in a complete non threatening way, You're my favorite BILF.
by DallasDolly September 10, 2010
Bro I'd like to F-----------play sports with or watch TV. No homo man. Weight Lifting and.... bro hugs
Aw dude! You're a bilf. Wanna hang out at the game later?
by TacoLlamasLLC November 08, 2015
brother id like to f***

It refers to a brother of a friend that is very attractive, which you don't mind having sexual intercourse with. Gay black people may use this, when referring to hot guys which they see on the street, because to a black man everybody is their brother.
Mann, your brother is a B.I.L.F
by Chinaman10 February 28, 2011
a boy you instantly friend zoned just cause he's chemistry is to good, he is also the king of smoooooooooooooooooooooooooothness that their isn't enough 'o's in the word to show how smooth he is.
jeffery is my bilf
by mr joseph June 06, 2014
Beard I'd Like To Fuck.

Glorious beards on glorious men.
Jeremy Mckinnon, Billy Mays, Santa Claus, Joe Trohman. BILF
by @earthtoemily and @tayhoppus February 25, 2010
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