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1. Unusually over sized human head due to clog or blocked tube causing the head to grow larger!

2. Very stupid person that is in resource classes all throughout his schooling!
1. Brandon has a big head!

2. Brandon W. is a bighead!
by JCMV November 29, 2004
11 20
to make it simple,
its basically the same as conceited..

look at the examples

"Shut your big head up"
-Shut your conceited head up

"We didnt want him to get a big head"
-We didnt want him to become conceited

"He's had a big head ever since he won that championship"
-He's been conceited ever since he wont that championship
by DRT August 04, 2006
216 127
Adjective: Somebody who thinks they are all that
That big headed boy thinks he can cross me.
by Jimbo April 23, 2003
103 51
1. someone who is overly confident about themselves

2. someone who literally has a big head
1.David: "i bet that chick wants my sexy body rubbed all over her"
Shane: "You big headed tit. Your ugly as shit no-one wants you, your a fat ugly shit with moobs"

2. Your heads so big that you cant fit through the door
by fooking neowm April 09, 2008
79 51
ass fuckin show off who nobody likes
red headed people are bigheads mostly.
by nickduck April 17, 2007
47 38
Someone with an overly sized head.
Mark: Hey, have you seen bighead?
Robert: You mean David?
by Anonymous Perth June 19, 2008
30 24
Large Bills Normally 50's and 100's.
I Have A pocket Full Of Big Heads
by dt206 May 20, 2008
26 23
The (oftentimes unexpected) individuals and sources whose involvement and contributions add extraordinary and undeniable value to a brand or company.
Car restoration BigHeads were able to help a cosmetic company create a new product by showing them an unexpected tool used in their industry.
by JohnnyP13 April 24, 2011
2 3