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big hands refers to the size of their male sex organs AKA penis
so if you say someone has small hands it means that they have a small penis.
if you say that you have big hands then that means you have a big penis.
by sr71d April 15, 2008
The extension of a BIG hand, palm facing away from you and fingers spread out, accompanied by saying the words 'Big Hand' in order to signify approval.
1. Only people who actually have a big hand are allowed to use this gesture.
2. Big hand is NOT used willy-nilly.
your mate- 'i just punched a whale in the face'

you- *display big hand* 'big hand mate'
by Lowz March 09, 2010
Use by many people to refer to a woman who has kids. Thusly she needs big hands to carry the luggage ( i.e kids and children)
- "man check her out"

- "nah shes got big hands"

- "really?"

-"yea three of them "
by Stonewall92 October 12, 2010
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