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Hands possesed by women of a larger frame, i.e., fatties. these women's "big dumb hands" are called that because the fingers look like eggrolls, and thier nails are always at least 5'in in length, and painted lime green and hot pink, maybe with a decal of rhinestones thrown in here and there. they use thier large talons to grap twinkies, penises, and pork chops and have a death grip to rival a pit bull's. big dumb hands should be avoided like lance bass in a public shower
i had to sleep wiith her! the big dumb hands wouldn't let me go!
by clarkcunt January 08, 2009
combonation of the names "crystal" and "misty". these names combined create the ultimate white trash woman. what says trailer park better than naming your daughter after a pack of smokes and an imitation diamond?
see that chick with the tweety bird shirt? that's mystal.
by clarkcunt January 10, 2009
black person, or more particularly black women.
"that bar will filled with goddamn boofs"

"you are such a boof-lover"
by clarkcunt January 04, 2009
A city in maryland spanning 3 counties, settled in between Baltimore and DC. Laurel is know for the main road, rt 1, which black prostitutes and homeless beggars use as thier personal catwalk. Laurel could possibly claim the rights to the wigger movement, in which white kids with hillbilly racist parents dress in white reeboks, fubu, hoop earing with saying like "wifey" or "delicious" engraved in them, and a penchant for slicked down hair and cornrows. Laurel is lined with dive bars and pawn shops, and frequently smells like mexican farts.
yo homie sup representin Laurel
by clarkcunt January 05, 2009

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