(n) The Dynamic Duo, Bea and Jill.

(v) inhaling and exhaling smoke.

Derived from the time Bea and Jill skipped 1st period, and went to spend their $3 at 7-11. Bea had something in her wallet that sparked ideas in both hers and Jill's heads, having to do with their Big Gulp drink.

syn. - smoking, being cool, and bestfriends.
"It's BIG GULP time."
by b January 26, 2004
When you are getting a blow job and teh girl doesn't want you to come in her mouth, then you don't tell her when you do cum in her mouth and then pull a piece of duct tape off your back that was hiding and put it over her lips, and punch her in the stomach so she swallows.
I was so tired of Robin not swallowing during blow jobs that I made her do the Big Gulp. Just hid a piece of tape on my back and then let the juices flow.
by Douglas Wayne October 05, 2006

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