Expression of appreciation of another one's achievement; well done!
Big up yourself for fixing that bug in time.
by dd October 20, 2003
giving respect to yourself
Big up yourself for doing a good job.
by matt sizzle October 17, 2003
The phrase coined in the late 1980's to describe a person that is modest.
'It was nothing special.'
'BullShit, you fucked her good. Big up yourself!'
by hippy_stick October 16, 2003
giving someone/yourself credit
big up yourself bro'!
by ph0biaz~Emily October 19, 2003
To speak of yourself in glowing often exaggerated terms.
I very much dislike Jim, he's always big up'n hisself.
by Matthew Sposato October 16, 2003
To make yourself strong... on the inside or on the out.
You must big up yourself to survive.
by Captain Crunch October 18, 2003
Inflate your own ego by lying
"Why do you have to big up yourself about your position at McD's?"
by Terra October 17, 2003

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