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3 definitions by hippy_stick

a place for horny teenagers to log into lesbian rooms, or act like they dont spend 18 hours a week playing Everquest and watching star trek.

the opiate for the y-generation, that dare not be alone for mroe than a moment as they beleive their soul will escape.
'I really am a chick.'

'wanna cyber?'

'captian kirk is sooooo much beta than spock!!!!'
by hippy_stick October 17, 2003
The phrase coined in the late 1980's to describe a person that is modest.
'It was nothing special.'
'BullShit, you fucked her good. Big up yourself!'
by hippy_stick October 16, 2003
'the opitate of the fool.' (Karl Marx)

The explaination of the modern, and primative worlds.
by hippy_stick October 17, 2003