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To do something to its complete extremity. To partake in something and put in more than the adequate amount of effort required that it becomes completely over the top and unnecessary.
Example #1. "I told my friend to make himself at home but he went big Asian style and ate all my food, redecorated my house, painted the walls and shat in my garden."

Example #2. Friend #1: "Dude, I'm going to get on the piss big Asian style tonight!"

Friend #2: "Well, I look forward to scraping your ass off of the curb after you've rooted the ugliest, fattest girl in the bar, made a complete ass out of yourself and streaked down the road before passing out in a pool of blood, vomit and urine..."
by Kurtis "Krazy Eyez" Killah January 21, 2011
A saying that is generally used to describe something that is considered to be awesome, whether it be an object or to simply express satisfaction, acceptance and approval of a certain situation by comparing it to female breasts.
Biff Wellington: "I can't wait to finish work and just kick back with a cold beer and watch the footy, it's going to be sweet as tits"

Jack Mehoff: "Dude! My new car is sweet as tits!"

Pat Hiscock: "Hey, man. Your penis enlarger just arrived in the mail..."
Mike Hunt: "Sweet as tits!"
by Kurtis "Krazy Eyez" Killah February 03, 2011
Another way of stating that you or someone else is "so hungover." This is derived from the popular song; Northcote by The Bedroom Philosopher.
I had so fucking much to drink last night! I'm going to be riding the 86 all day...
by Kurtis "Krazy Eyez" Killah December 30, 2010
A phrase that signifies that it's time for an alcoholic beverage. Usually yelled out when one of your drinking buddies is walking in the direction of the fridge because you want them to grab you one.

It can also be used as a question to ask your friends/family if they need another drink because you have run out of booze yourself and are getting up to grab another.
Example 1:
*Friend gets up and starts walking towards the kitchen and you notice your beer is empty*


Example 2:
*You finish your beer so you decide to grab another one*

"Slurp alert, anyone?"
by Kurtis "Krazy Eyez" Killah October 05, 2011
The feeling that one obtains when they have a craving for the male genitalia i.e. they are peckish for pecker
There are so many peckerish chicks at this party! I'm guaranteed to get some action tonight!
by Kurtis "Krazy Eyez" Killah April 20, 2011
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