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After the catch phrase of Australian entrepeneur Kevin "Big Kev" McQuay who would wear massive lairy shirts (to fit his massive frame), most often one that was styled on the Australian flag. He would advertise his 100% Australian made and owned cleaning products by saying "I'M EXCITED!!!!"
After losing a lot of weight, and after resigning from his flailing business, Big Kev died of a heart attack in 2005.
When Jono heard his mates talking about the latest Jessica Alba film, he got a little bit Big Kev.
by emsy August 24, 2007
Big Kev is a name usually attributed to someone who is a jock or someone with a larger frame who acts as if he's the greatest thing to happen to this earth. In actuality the "Big Kev" is a massive pussy who is hated by almost everyone he comes into contact with and cries like a bitch after stubbing his toe or scraping their knee.
Dude 1: Man for a buff dude James sure is a fucking pussy.
Dude 2: Yeah, he's such a Big Kev.
by Max Colby July 23, 2016
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