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A joint.... a fat one!
"give me a toke on that bifter"
by Steph December 04, 2003
Slang term for a cigarette. Plural is "biffs".

Originated in Liverpool.
Give us a bifter.

Where's me biffs?
by WuTangClan October 15, 2006
An exceptionally large line of ketamine/cocaine
"Henry get the bifters oot!"

"Thats an absolute bifter"
by henrytheeighth December 15, 2013
The rocks or spots of bare ground that appear when a ski-slope gets worn out from over use, or excessive basting.
Watch out for those bifters!
by Sjin June 18, 2013
A girl who's attractiveness is irrevocably hindered by her superfluous weight. A fat chick.
My friend Eamon got drunk and went home with a real Bifter last night.
by Inferno Oreste November 14, 2010
A slang term given to the lumps of rock found on ski slopes that need to be "De-Bifterd" in order to remove them
"Watch out James, there's a bifter on the slope!"
by NaFB June 18, 2013
A bifter is basically a marijuana cigarette, a really big one.
Nar dan, Gimme a toke on that phat bifter!
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
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