I almost biffed when i saw taylor lautner in eclipse
by **Gembo** July 02, 2010
to be happily and extremely drunk to the point where one begins saying things that don't make sense.
"Dude...I... ahh man I'm biffed."
by Captain Biffington May 12, 2009
Derived from "Back to the Future", the term means to be raped by the school bully, or any all-around asshole.
Damn, that girl just got biffed!

I was biffed by my boss last night.
by SaiyanRocker August 31, 2008
To be let down/sold out/ignored by a girl.
"She biffed me last weekend to go out with her girl friends"

"she seemed to like me but when i text her i got totally biffed."
by galdemcreepermcfc March 19, 2008
Biffed is a state that all smokers aim for while smoking green,skunk,bud,hash or anything that isnt tobacco. English call it stonned - Scots say biffed. When your biffed you are royally stonned including sweats,tripping,the shakes and dry humping.
"skunk from amsterdam i got back to glasgow got us biffed off 4 joints in 1 night"
"haw wit...pure majic man ... totally biffed
by Jimmy naemates September 22, 2006
To accidentally shit your pants.
"Aw man! That smells like shit! Someone just biffed"
by Mulatto July 27, 2006
A state of excessive drunkeness.
We don't even remember much of last night, we got biffed
by Tom Cattaneo May 27, 2007
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