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5 definitions by vulvatronic

Sexy Piece Of Ass
Wow, she's so hot, what a spoa...
by vulvatronic September 11, 2010
25 2
Used to describe one's level of hot, sexy, luscious sultry assed smoken sweetness.
Shit man, check out that sexy piece of ass... she's rockin the Richter scale with that break the meat out fuckability factor!
by vulvatronic September 14, 2010
29 11
Someone who feels the overpowering urge to cum often and always.
Ain't never any kleenex left around this house with you jerking your shit like ten times a day... fucking orgasmaddict
by vulvatronic September 14, 2010
11 2
Bitches Is Fucked
Man, I so sick of all the drama from this pussy, BIF...
by vulvatronic September 11, 2010
44 35
Referring to a woman whose name you can't remember. A crude but endlessly more enjoyable alternative to "what's her name" or "what's her face".
I saw that girl from the station the other day... what's her snatch... you know... with the blond hair and purple sex toys
by vulvatronic October 28, 2010
11 6