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(v) Slang word used to convey displeasure or to haint another.
Bick you!
by Cris Alexander January 11, 2004
1. Belly dick , where the belly rolls and covers over your dick aka penis so that it is no longer visible

2. Baby dick

Both are used in insults or for reference
"I couldn't have sex because of my bick."

"Hahahaha! Look at his bick- it's sooooo small hahahaha!!"
by myst8199 November 16, 2004
Someone who likes penis and makes no secret of it.
Am I rite?
by LW January 15, 2004
first created by madden, but defined by me. its a bitch dick, or, a bitch with a dick
joe: i went to fuck that whore last night but as i went down her pants i felt a bick! it was so gross
bob:you homo
by allison April 07, 2005