an american. generally dominant at beer pong and all other important aspects of life.
everyone and anyone: you dont wanna challenge that kid. he's a bick

cabe: im almost as good as him
by kokirikid48 January 23, 2011
The combination of the words Big and Dick.
Derek (or "insert name here") has a bick.
by Missy Cockard December 17, 2009
slang word that can be used instead of any 4 lettered verb (can have prefixes and suffixes)

a noise a chicken makes
1)why the bick did you do that
2)today i am going bicking (fishing in this case)
by Jack Judge July 18, 2004
A combonation of the words Big and Thick.
1. Used to describe a males penis in a online profile to save space.
2. Can also be used to describe anything to which those 2 apply.
1. My cock is Bick.
2. I got a shake from sonic last night it was Bick.
by william wood August 08, 2006
extremely intelligent board troll you love to hate, acts like a complete dumbass because enjoys pissing people off.
god damn Bick, shut the hell up you retarded assbag.
by betainf0z August 22, 2003
The mixture of the word bitch and dick.
Like instead of calling the person a bitch and then a dick. You can just go

"Dude, your a bick."
by shout July 15, 2005
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