The way Jon Black pronounces "bitch".
Jon, why are you such a bich?
by Jon Black June 06, 2003
Top Definition
Contrary to popular belief, NOT Latin for generosity.
Random South Park fan:

Step 1: Instead of ass say buns, like "kiss my buns" or "you're a buns hole"
Step 2: Instead of shit say poo, as in "bull poo", "poo head" and this "poo is cold"
Step 3: With bitch drop the t cuz bich is Latin for generosity

Nerdy sidekick: Uh, bich isn't Latin for generosity. Or Latin for anything. The correct word could be liberalitas, or largitas, or really a whole bunch of things. Just not bich, "mmmkay"?

Random South Park fan: Kiss my buns, bich.
by TS08 May 08, 2006
What YouTuber Jack Douglass (jacksfilms) refers to his fans and subscribers as. This is an incorrect way of spelling bitches. This originally started when his hit series Your Grammar Sucks (a parody of very bad grammar that was suggested by Youtuber noodles90lily) started and a comment made by Kisses4JB read:
u guys SUCK DICK
In his video "Dubstep Tobuscus" posted on august 22nd, 2011, Jack announced that he would officially call his fans biches.
Example 1:
Jack: Starting today I am officially calling you biches. Damn, that feels good.
Example 2:
Jack: Good morning. biches!
Example 3:
Jack: Break it down for these biches, Ethan Newberry.
by ReinventLove August 28, 2012
An alternative way to say bitch in online games that censor swearing, such as in gunz and maplestory
In Gunz The Duel > Server1 > Lobby > Expert Channnel 1:

Snowyger: bitch
*gets censored*
Please do not use vulgar or profane language.
]-ellbound: well dumbass, forgot that youd get censored huh bich?
by Ranger Elite December 30, 2005
What dumbasses in chat rooms call you if you piss them off.
Funker_joe: Shut up, you're a moron sxyb0i420.

sxyb0i420: funker-joe isa bich!!1/
by Funker_joe January 17, 2005
Kick-ass guitar made by B.C Rich.
YO check out this dude with his Bich, he's totally awesome!
by Snape November 14, 2003
A word preteens text each other because they can't cuss yet.
Boy 1: Yo, whats up BICH?
Boy 2: Nothing, BICH! How about you, BICH?!
by emmaswag25 May 26, 2015
A person exhibiting bitch like behavior, an gamer term.
You are bich, I repeat a bich not a bitch.
by LogicalGamer November 04, 2013
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