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Freshy fresh. Fly. Dope. Boo-tey-licious.
Well shizzle my nizzle, Gridley's van is so way bibble.
by Sinbad Poon January 09, 2005
355 120
1.) An alien responsible for most of the significant technological advances in the last few decades. That's right; cell phones, Playstation 1 & 2, all of it. Some may have mistaken the accomplishments for the work of the Japanese, but it was definitely Bibble.
2.) Commonly seen chillin' with President Dave Chappelle and his three cloned white girls.
"It was Bibble, fo' shizzle, and it was all by Bibble."
by ProfessorBanana March 02, 2005
155 94
A magical bunny made of punctuation marks.
He is the most awesome bunny in the world.
(O.0) - I'm Bibbles!
by Friend-of-bibbles September 30, 2007
51 12
One of those little stones that gets trapped in your shoe when you are walking.
"Stop a minute, I've got a bibble in my shoe I need to get out"
by Ceriano August 23, 2008
63 51
Polkaroo's pet from Polka Dot Shorts
Bear: "Oh hello there bibbles, have you seen polkaroo?"
Bibbles: "bibblebibblebibble"
Bear: "A great big pair of polka dot shorts? How did they get there?"
by Mr Muise August 06, 2009
15 10
the tip of the longest pubic hair in your nether-regions
"Wow, that bibble sure is pointy! It felt like a needle when I poked it!"
by nunsandroses July 03, 2013
5 4
verb– to drink often; to eat and/or drink noisily
Person 1: You sure do bibble a lot.
Person 2: Yeah, so what?
by namewizard June 09, 2014
0 0