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someone who smokes the pole consistently, and drinks orange juice on a regular basis
you dumb pirate smoker, why dont you go suck a dick
by kdog January 05, 2004
The polar opposite of tough. Weak, not even close to bibble, unmanly, vaginesque.
1. "This Tahoe is SO untough, it doesn't even have 4-wheel drive"
2. "Passing out on the floor of the Hard Rock Casino is definitely untough"
3. "If you would buy a liger, it would at least offset your untoughness a little bit"
by KDog October 28, 2004
any of the biggest bean mexicans that rio mesa has ever seen. tends to be hella smart in school but a plain faggot the rest of the time. a flamer by nature, he stalks his apparent "friends" and takes pictures of them and places them all over his walls. aka Amelio (from Mr. Deeds)
yo here cums hellela... RUN!!!
by kDoG November 04, 2003
circular red dot resulting from too much suction to the tip of the penis. See also Mican
God help us! We almost saw Kevin
s Red Dot.
by KDog May 04, 2003
an extremely big cult
cool kid 1 on thursday night: hey do you wanna hang out tonight?

cult kid: no
by kdog December 26, 2004
A liger is the result of breeding a male lion with a female tiger. It looks like a giant lion, with diffused tiger stripes. Like tigers (and unlike lions), ligers like swimming.

They are mythical creatures that are very rare. Ligers can travel at speeds of up to 90 mph, are very adept at camoflauging themselves, and only eat ice cream sandwiches. Probably the the most bibble creature of all time.
1. "What are you drawing? A liger.
It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic."

2. "I'm here to see a man about a liger."

3. "Ligers are magical creatures. They have crazy skills, but only eat ice cream sandwiches, which are, by the way, delicious."
by KDog October 28, 2004
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