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A woman who is a lesbian but can be both butch or femme interchangeably. She does not limit herself to one type of lesbian style.
My lesbian friend Sam wears a dress and heels some days yet plaid and Timberlands other days. She must be a bi-lesbian.
by Lesbian Definer July 24, 2009
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A bi-lesbian is a female who identifies herself as mainly lesbian first, but who also enjoys occasional sex with men, but her preference being to have sex with other women.

A bisexual female that prefers sex with other women
"Yeah, I know I said I'm bisexual honey, but I do prefer doing it with other women," She told us at the club.

"My wife is bisexual, so we have this other chic we both do, but she says she is bi-lesbian and prefers to do it mostly with my wife."
by TheRoc March 17, 2008
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Bi-lesbian is a sexual orientation. Not to be confused with transbian, a transbian is trans or cis female that is attracted to trans-femles but not cis-females.

A bi-lesbian is a mtf transsexual female (trans-female) or a born female (cis-female) who is attracted to both trans-females and cis-females.
Sally: "so what type of girl is your type?"

Mary: "I'm bi-lesbian. I like both types cis and trans"
by straight transbian May 26, 2015
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