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a cunt not yet wide enough to be called a bhosda but still enough wider than phuddi
to sali yahan kya bhosdi marwane aayi hai
by sandhya October 13, 2004
Bhosdi is an ancient swear word from India. It is the adjective for some one who runs after a Bhosdaa. Bhosdaa is the cunt which has a bigger diameter than a chut. As you know Chutiya is for chut , similarly Bhosdi is for Bhosdaa.
Bhosdi aaj gaand marunga tujhe!!

Madarchod uss bhosdi ka muh kyun lagta hai!!

Main toh sirf chutiya hun, behenchod tu toh bhosdi nikla!
by DeadlyScholar August 19, 2011