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Usmaan doesnt know what hes talking about and pakis didnt popularize this. Punjabis pronounce it "panchod" -- and yes it means sisterfucker.
"Panchod, what the fuck are you doing?"
by Rishi July 26, 2004
Origin: Punjab

Definition: Sister's Penis
"oh Pan Di Lund, what the fuck are you doing?"
by Rishi July 26, 2004
oldschool way of saying pants.
Hey Mike, look at these retro knickerbockers!
by Rishi March 21, 2005
jirate is to oscilate your hips inna di dance
yuh see how dat gyal was jiratin her hips???
by Rishi March 14, 2005
mumma is a 'patwa' word from the Caribbean maybe Guyana and it simply mean mother
go ask yuh mumma bout dat
by Rishi March 14, 2005
A random exercising of one's vocal tract to produce an unorthodox sound in order to emphasize an urge, passion, or desire.
If one needed to move through a narrow path, primarily narrowed due to one's girth, a proper sound may be "MMMMMMMM!!"
by Rishi March 06, 2004
A brown guy with a turban that is also known as a wankster that will often say things like "I am so gangster." or "you cant handle my gangsterness" and he will often address others as "wanksters"
Ms.R: "Dracula is soo coool and you know you can't test him"
Mr.T: "Dracula is such a wankster compared to me I am such a gangster g"
by Rishi June 30, 2004

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