A word that can be used instead of punctuation in a sentence. Such as: fullstops, comas, semicolans, question marks, exclamation marks, etc etc. Can also be used to replace most grammer in sentences, such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc etc.
Bhainchod that bhainchod doesn't bhainchod listen to a bhainchod word I say bahinchod
by vex December 01, 2003
you bhainchod.
by dogar October 07, 2003
A person that has sex their sister.
Wow, there are too many American Bhainchods now a day's. Bhainchod, there all hillbilly's now.
by Bhakta Sensation November 27, 2003
People who fuck their sisters.
Woh amrican bhainchod
by Guevara November 16, 2003
wot is yous all so noisy about? bhainchod means plain batty sista fucka.
used frequently wiv udda abuses dig madarchod bhosad
innit da truf
u a bhainchod innit? eard a lot about yous. wassup?
by daaligtranslata January 17, 2004

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