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uptight but fun drinking buddies
you walk down the street and bump into a swede and the first thing said is sorry and the first thing done is fast walking so as not to create a situation beyond thier control
by guevara April 19, 2004
People who fuck their sisters.
Woh amrican bhainchod
by Guevara November 16, 2003
A person, or persons that are stupider then ass, or anything that comes out of it.
Damn Dan Lewis is ass-stupid
by Guevara April 02, 2004
the spirit of Gaia
tfffff, wow Gaia really blessed that bud
by guevara April 19, 2004
A dirty, smelly, shitty unhuman freak of the streets. They usally have those signs that say " Help, im Homeless "
Duhh bitch!
Hey, thats the Lobum that asked me for a dollar,lets take his cart!
by Guevara April 02, 2004
see tetrahydrocannabinol
gaias current residence
by guevara April 19, 2004

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