BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant or Brett's favorite girl, not Big Fucking Gun. The BFG is very kind and is an amazing basketball player. This nickname is great for basketball season!
The BFG is the best girl ever and everybady should have a BFG in their life!
by Honey muffin March 26, 2008
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Big Frendly Genitals. Kiddie fiddlers claim to have them.
Hey kids, don't talk to strangers who wanna show you their BFG
by L_Z January 11, 2005
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BIG FAT GREEK, as in the type of guy who takes over your rommate's life because he is so into himself and being Greek, and thinks he is God's gift to all women. Everything he says is right by his standards and he is a cocky prick.
Val is such a BFG...damn guy thinks he's God's gift and every woman who looks at him should be bowing down to worship him. Go back to Greece buddy!!!
by Baked Beanes March 30, 2005
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one who fingers his bum ie. a bum fingering gay
by Joe Ferguson May 03, 2006
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The rapper Big Fuckin Gangsta.
BFGeezy of da Heezy fa Sheezy
by mkic0n January 20, 2003
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stands for Blaq Flaggin Goons

a crew in santa rosa/rohnert park, ca known for rocking black bandanas and black tees.
Tom: Should we go to the park tonight?

Johnson: Naw, I think them BFG fools are over there!

Tom: Shit, you're right. Better not go over there then.
by marcusgreer July 04, 2009
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A term meaning 'big fat ginger'.
Often used to describe the likes of fat gingers.

E.g. You're such a BFG
by Davy jonessyyy February 09, 2009
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