A term meaning 'big fat ginger'.
Often used to describe the likes of fat gingers.

E.g. You're such a BFG
by Davy jonessyyy February 09, 2009
Big Flapped Girl, Big Fat Gap
1. *pulls pantys off* OMFG!!! BFG!!!.
2. Dude i bet that Milf is a BFG.
by Strings July 28, 2007
BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant or Brett's favorite girl, not Big Fucking Gun. The BFG is very kind and is an amazing basketball player. This nickname is great for basketball season!
The BFG is the best girl ever and everybady should have a BFG in their life!
by Honey muffin March 26, 2008
( Being Freaking Gay )Act of a normally straight guy doing or saying somthing really gay.
John was BFG at that party last night, he was practically humping Steven.
by S. Walker January 10, 2008
Not, as popularly believed, the big fucking gun - this gun is referred to in Doom as the Big Freakin' Gun and in Quake 2 as the Big Fraggin' Gun.
omf stfu n suk on ma bfg90000! LOLOL
by Reid February 10, 2004
Butt Fuckin Good

When a woman has an ass that makes you want to sling your man chowder all up in it.
Burl: lots of hos?
Johnny: it was about 50/50
Burl: are the beeshes bfg?
Johnny: bfg?
Burl: butt fuckin good
Johnny: yes sir
Burl: that is correct
by Jack Stark March 05, 2005
1. Butt-faced Gnome
2. Big Friendly Giant
3. Big Fucking Gun
Haha, you are a BFG if I ever saw one.
by Rollo47 March 18, 2004

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