The ultimate sidearm that appears in fps made by ID games such as doom.
You got the BFG9000

Gumba309 got the BFG10k

Gumba309 fragged BrucieJ2000

shamrock got fragged by Gumba309's BFG

BrucieJ2000 ate Gumba309's BFG
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
Big Fucking German. Used to describe a German of large stature, whose size comes in handy when decimating his opponents. You can recognize a BFG when they get drunk and want to wrestle. However, BFG's are not always violent, since they also wear pink polos, listen to classical music, and enjoy long walks at sunset.
Holy shit man, did you see Peter fighting in the club last night? I thought he was so chill since he asked Bertha on that sunset date. He must be a BFG!
by chiz69 December 12, 2011
Stands for "Big Friendly Giant". A popular character from a book by the author Roald Dahl.
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
Bottom Floor Goons

In the comedy TV show (Danish) the group of friends who live on the bottom floor of a maisonette they share with a group of academic high-achievers who live on the top-floor. (Up Stairs Crew). The B.F.Gs was the name given to them by the USC in the second episode.

The TV show was originally aired on 21st September 2011.
Rose (B.F.Gs): "We're going out to dinner tonight"

Charlotte (USC): "Meehh thut thut, we got Buffalo Bills reserved for 3 instead, see you later!"

Shareen (BFG): "Ohh duuude..!"
by friedfrogg December 22, 2011
Big F**kin' Gun(s)
He took out these B.F.G.s and went crazy.
by Chewy November 07, 2003
Big Friendly Girlfriend
Guy1: Hey, have you seen Dave's B.F.G?
Guy 2: Yea she's like 6 foot 5!
by vots69 February 01, 2010
B.F.G. is an acronym for "Big Fucking Guy"
This acronym is used to describe a big guy. This guy is not necessarily fat, but very tall.
On general principle: If you're above 6'3", you're a B.F.G.
Jordan: "Did you see that guy he's huge!"
Megan: How can y'all see him, i'm so short I can't see anything"
Amanda: He's jumping and hitting the ceiling!
Amber: yep guys, he's a BFG!
by DBM911 December 11, 2010

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