Bad Feelings Generator. Anyone who's a pessimist and likes to start trouble.
I love my family and all, but at times, they really are just a bunch of bfg's.
by Scarlettex0x June 01, 2009
A term commonly used to secretly point out to others that someones boyfriend is Gay.
OMG look at her man, BFG fo shiz.
by look at that BFG May 14, 2009
stands for Blaq Flaggin Goons

a crew in santa rosa/rohnert park, ca known for rocking black bandanas and black tees.
Tom: Should we go to the park tonight?

Johnson: Naw, I think them BFG fools are over there!

Tom: Shit, you're right. Better not go over there then.
by marcusgreer July 04, 2009
basil funny games, used to refer to mutual masterbation with a bff you spend every waking and wanking moment with. Can often result in being late to work and/or lab
"Yo dude, sorry I'm late man"
"A little BFG time back at the dorms?"
"Naw way bra, I had to put on my lotions"
by The Duck August 26, 2007
Big fragging gun(s) -- Either a specific gun in a video game by this name, or simply the biggest, baddest, mofo-est gun in a given game, e.g. the rocket launcher in Quake I.
Those guys were pwning me at Quake II until I got the B.F.G.(s) and started fragging them all over the place.
by PsyMar February 18, 2006
BFG Technologies is a privately held U.S. based supplier of premium 3D video cards based on NVIDIA graphics technology.
"I abought a BFG Video Card"
by JD January 05, 2005
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