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The rapper Big Fuckin Gangsta.
BFGeezy of da Heezy fa Sheezy
by mkic0n January 20, 2003
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BFG Technologies is a privately held U.S. based supplier of premium 3D video cards based on NVIDIA graphics technology.
"I abought a BFG Video Card"
by JD January 05, 2005
31 33
A term commonly used to secretly point out to others that someones boyfriend is Gay.
OMG look at her man, BFG fo shiz.
by look at that BFG May 14, 2009
5 8
basil funny games, used to refer to mutual masterbation with a bff you spend every waking and wanking moment with. Can often result in being late to work and/or lab
"Yo dude, sorry I'm late man"
"A little BFG time back at the dorms?"
"Naw way bra, I had to put on my lotions"
by The Duck August 26, 2007
31 34
B.F.G. is an acronym for "Big Fucking Guy"
This acronym is used to describe a big guy. This guy is not necessarily fat, but very tall.
On general principle: If you're above 6'3", you're a B.F.G.
Jordan: "Did you see that guy he's huge!"
Megan: How can y'all see him, i'm so short I can't see anything"
Amanda: He's jumping and hitting the ceiling!
Amber: yep guys, he's a BFG!
by DBM911 December 11, 2010
3 7
stands for Blaq Flaggin Goons

a crew in santa rosa/rohnert park, ca known for rocking black bandanas and black tees.
Tom: Should we go to the park tonight?

Johnson: Naw, I think them BFG fools are over there!

Tom: Shit, you're right. Better not go over there then.
by marcusgreer July 04, 2009
2 6
A term meaning 'big fat ginger'.
Often used to describe the likes of fat gingers.

E.g. You're such a BFG
by Davy jonessyyy February 09, 2009
2 6
Big fragging gun(s) -- Either a specific gun in a video game by this name, or simply the biggest, baddest, mofo-est gun in a given game, e.g. the rocket launcher in Quake I.
Those guys were pwning me at Quake II until I got the B.F.G.(s) and started fragging them all over the place.
by PsyMar February 18, 2006
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