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Big Fat Bitch, extra huge girl that whines, and thinks she is the best girl ever. Usually loud, annoying, and they follow you around.
"Man theres a group of BFB's, lets go the other direction."
by doommarine April 05, 2005
24 32
Acronym for 'better from behind'. Used to describe a visually challenged woman. Instead of adopting a missionary position or the girl on top, take the female from behind so one does not have to look at her face.
"Hey Nik, what was Angie like last night?"

"Oooh. A bit of a bfb, mate. We started off with her on top but Little Nikky was not not impressed - he retreated into his shell. Flipped her over and no probs. A lot better from behind."
by The Strut October 20, 2004
81 54
Stands for Best Friend's Brother

Abbreviation often used by friends who are in love or who think they are in love with their Best Friend's Brother.
My BFB is the one for me. BFB, BFB!

Cause he's such a dream
And you'd know what I mean
If you weren't related
by BFB Lover June 14, 2011
55 34
Big fat bitch
stop hitting on my brother you BFB
by jojo2cute4u July 08, 2011
31 14
BFB stands for Bigfoot Believer.

Someone who believes in Bigfoot.
Person 1: I believe in bigfoot.
Person 2: Ooo so you are a BFB?!
by BFB4lyfe December 29, 2010
45 33
Best Friend's Brother according to Victoria Justice
My best friend's brother is the one for me, BFB, BFB, my best friend's brother, my best friend's brother
by Tech163 June 04, 2011
10 5
Acronym for 'Best Friend's Brother'. Just like in Victorious Justice's song "Best Friend's Brother" where she constantly says "My Best Friend's Brother is the one for me." and then says "BFB!! BFB!!"
"My Best Friend's brother is the one for me! YEAHYEAHYEAH! A Punk rock drummer and he's 6 foot 3! ... BFB! BFB! My best friend's brother, my best friend's brother!"-Victoria Justice
by DipnShablam June 07, 2011
7 3
my best friend's brother
i have a crush on my bfb.
by the alpha pigs June 23, 2011
25 22