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adj. Something that is queer and weird at the same time; unusual, but not stupid.
The way he died was qweird.
by DoomMarine May 11, 2003
proper noun. Weird guy on internet games, not very good.
You suck The_Break.
by DoomMarine May 19, 2003
Big Fat Bitch, extra huge girl that whines, and thinks she is the best girl ever. Usually loud, annoying, and they follow you around.
"Man theres a group of BFB's, lets go the other direction."
by doommarine April 05, 2005
Big Black Beef. A well hung black mans penis. A special penis shaped chocolate confection given on valentines day, or matt welchs bass.
I belive that nig is equiped with a bbb. Matt has great skill playing his bbb. Thanks my dear for the bbb.
by doommarine April 06, 2005

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