boyfriend. gf is girlfriend, and BF is best friend, because your best friend should always come before your significant other, regardless to your commitment level.
person 1: "what did you do this weekend?"

person 2: "oh, I went out with the bf."
by miriam February 18, 2004
see also blue falcon
prnounced 'bee-eff'
by Sidmystic July 17, 2003
British Fuck. This expression is used in areas (within the UK or abroad) where British people are present and you want to talk about them (and their annoying habits, physical appearance, etc) without them knowing and without appearing rude.
Look at that table full of disgusting BFs. Are they going to eat all of those sausages?
On a pregnancy chatroom/discussion board, BF is shorthand for BREAST FEEDING
hey all you Bf-ing moms out there: is it okay if I drink coffee?
by WinnieNY February 20, 2007
blue film generally refered to a porn movie
I saw a bf last night
by kumara July 06, 2005
quite simply, Boner Fuel
shit, did you see that betty? serious bf.
by danimal March 26, 2005

as in the game by EA.
lets all play bf :|
by [Cyanide] March 31, 2004
To buttfuck or make anal love to.
I will bf her in her fine ass.
by Renz of the SG March 17, 2005

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