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The noise made after Billy Gunn's "Mr Ass" theme tune and now signifying the end of a joke that rhymes with 'Ass Man' made famous in meme form
Billy Gunn is a registered dermatologist - you've got a rash man... bewp bewp
by Tenac Ious D October 07, 2012
Breasts. Another word for "boobs" or tits when one doesn't want to be crass.
My god, she had the biggest bewps I've evah seen in my lifes!


I think Betty needs a bewp job. Don't you?
by Betty Bettyo May 04, 2008
From night at the roxbury,
"You know what I heard when I first saw you?"

Now a religion having to do with construction cones and Bewp being a god.

N.: Bewp is God.
Adj.: He's bewpariffic
V.: His bewp was right on key
"John went Bewp to cone and cone stared at him"
by Knyteguy January 27, 2004
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