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Japanese word for change; change of form.
Henge is seen a lot in Naruto to change from their appearance to that of another.
by Knyteguy August 11, 2004
Japanese word for White Eyes (literal translation), seen in Naruto and maybe other animes.
VIZ who licensed Naruto manga is translating byakuugan to evil eyes when it means white eyes, imagine thatO_O
by Knyteguy August 11, 2004
From night at the roxbury,
"You know what I heard when I first saw you?"

Now a religion having to do with construction cones and Bewp being a god.

N.: Bewp is God.
Adj.: He's bewpariffic
V.: His bewp was right on key
"John went Bewp to cone and cone stared at him"
by Knyteguy January 27, 2004

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