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woman. female. bird. chick. bitch.
that minging bewer over there
by ladger May 02, 2003
A vulgar term used to distinguish the female members of the population. Nobody knows it's exact origin, definition or purpose.

There's a rumour that a gentleman known only as 'Booby dee' invented the term whilst describing his new girlfriend to a group of friends in the working mens club.
Example 1:

Deebo - fancy watching the footy tonight, daz?
Daz - aye, but this time leave ya bewer at home

Example 2:

Deebo - She took ma new car and ma credit card daz!
Daz - Sounds like your bewer needs a bullet, mate!
by RainMaker February 17, 2013
derived from the townie term, then used in an ironic way to say that someone is either hot, or someone's girlfriend/boyfriend. as always, these things stop being used in an ironic way, and is now widely used and (less) widely accepted as an appropriate term.
'he was with his bewer'
'my god, he was a right bewer'

for examples of bewers-take a look at mcfly (excluding tom)
by monica August 13, 2004
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