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When a car hits another in the side forming a letter "T"
"I ran a red light and I tboned this other car!"
by Monica February 28, 2004
A genious guitarist and singer, frontwoman of the Babes in toyland, Katastrophy Wife and bassist of Crunt. Also played with Courtney Love in "Sugar Baby Dolls"
You just can't play guitar like Kat Bjelland.
by Monica February 10, 2004
A whole hell of a lot of something. See also: metric shitload
The teacher gave me a metric fuckton of homework.
by Monica December 17, 2003
Coined after name of former first-lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos, who is known world-wide for having the most shoes in the world.
She had a shoe collection that met imeldific standards.
by Monica February 29, 2004
female sex organ
Call me before you come over so I can shave my cha cha.
by Monica December 16, 2002
When a girl on her period slaps a guy across the face with her bloody tampon.
Jessica gave Phil a Strawberry Slinger because he wouldn't do the dishes.
by Monica February 24, 2005
Democracy is where any two idiots can vote out a genius.
George Bush was elected for a second term over Kerry
by Monica April 09, 2005
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