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Used to get the attention of your good friends. Can be used interchangeably for virtually anything.
"Beuh, what the fuck?"
"Sup beuh?"
by beuh_jonny October 11, 2004
67 17
it's a french word for weed.
Came from the original word "herbe"
j'ai même plus assez de beuh pour rouler un stick :(
by Fran April 02, 2005
35 31
The most common French slang term for weed. Pronounced kind of like "bud" but without the d. Like most French slang terms for weed, it's a feminine word, so you'd use the definite article "la."

Other French terms: "la weed," "l'herbe."
J'aime beaucoup la beuh.

Hier, j'ai fumé un petit peu de beuh.

Tu veux fumer de la beuh ?
by beuh May 20, 2010
11 15
a hypergenic cereal that cows like to eat with vinegar.
I ate some beuh with some blue cows.
The beuh tasted like my foot with grease.
by Hell yeah! April 30, 2005
5 25
anything you want it to mean!
Be-uh!!!!=write this on your school chalkboard.
by Dr.Ake November 17, 2003
13 35