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Multiple Usage

Term used for misfortune, badluck, substandardness.

Org: Originates from Derry in Northern Ireland where a local chip shop, named Berty O'Neills, famed for its bad chips, was coined into a phrase for most bad things.

Original the whole term was used.
"Went to see a movie. It was pure berty o'neills".

Later shortend to "Berties".
"Drinking alcholic free beer is pure berties"

and finally to Bert.
"Went up the town and all the shops where closed. Pure bert"

Can also be used:

"Did you see that bert. He just flipped his berty bike and landed on his head. Bert one"

trans: "Did you see that idiot. He just flipped his stupid bike and landed in his head. Shit one"

berty - Used before a person, place, thing
Bert One - Shit one
Bertness - Shityness
Ya Bert - You Idiot.
by Gerard Harkin April 15, 2006
n. skateboard or surfing trick where rider makes a quick 180 degree heelside turn using their front hand as an anchor on a wave or a banked piece of pavement while grabbing the toeside edge of board with the free hand.
Did you see him do that sick bert? It was like he was surfing concrete!
by Cliff J's longskate vocab August 20, 2006
A code name used when talking about your boss in public. This protects you from the unlikely event that the person at the next table is the boss' next door neighbour, brother, in-law or tennis partner.
Joe: "I hear Bert's new girlfriend has a bit of a coke habit"

Gary: "I'd like to hang that prick over a river of burning acid and give scissors to the last 5 people he has destroyed".

Joe: "Yeah, me too. I hate Bert"
by 4sail July 17, 2006
Bert or burt
when you can see right down a girls cleavage
when a girls cleavage is clearly on display
This group of guys see a girl where she has a low top and they could see a quite clearly her boob
Once one see's her boobs, they will say bert/burt in a loud voice. Not shouting it out just saying it rather clear and letting other people who know of the meaning of the word that there is a girl with her tits showing
by Anonymous Pete October 03, 2009
"You're too Bert to ride the rollercoaster, I'm afraid."
by llams August 04, 2009
A nice, secretive way of saying "bitch".

Derived from the way "bitch" sounds when yelled and muffled at the same time.
"Hey, holla at them hoochies over there."
"What's up, BERT!?"
Term used for code to discribe females. Bert has a few meanings:

1. to discribe a GORGESS female
ex. You see a gorgess girl close by and say "Bert" to your guy friend beside you to signify check that one out. Often used with a stiff arm in the air an a fist in that hand.

2. to be used as a filler to get what you really want.
ex. your friend asks you if you want a beer but your girlfriend beside you would get mad if you said you wanted one. The person asked says "No thanks bert" this signifies a "YES,but i cant say that". when the guy comes back witha beer the girl cant get mad cuz you said no but your friend got you the drink anyways.

3. to signify that your busy with someone but dont want to say so.
ex. your fucking some chick and your friend calls you. the girl says to pick it up. you pick it up and play it cool. "hows it going"...you reply" not bad bert" then the convo ends and you can talk about the bert situation later.

4. you are with a group of people and someone brings something up that will either get the girls you are with mad or that you dont want the girls to know. you look at the fool talking and say bert. he instantly stops what he was talking about.
"check out that bert"
"No bert" = "yes please"
by northern_gino August 09, 2006