Berrying is wheb a girl purs her favourite soauce (eg. chocolate, creeam, ketchu etc.) onto a boys penis, before giving him a blowjob.
"I totally used a berry on him last night. We used Ben & Jerry's ice cream."
by Cornflake.Master May 06, 2009
The female vagina, what all men long for.
The older the berry, the sweeter the juice!
by Squishymatrix July 25, 2005
a female who sleeps around for weed, crack or alcohol.
he got berried out last night.
by EB April 01, 2005
I Heard Shes A Berry, Shes Had A Girlfriend And A Boyfriend Before.
by Xebby July 10, 2008
A greeting, a way to agree that something is bad, or a way to describe something.
Luke: Joanne Harvey is pregnant.
Jack: Berry bad.
Luke: Berry.
by Luke Cook July 28, 2008
Butt cherry, the anal equivalent of the hymen. A contraction of "butt" and "cherry."
"I had anal sex and had my berry popped for the first time!"
by MBGPR January 21, 2006
Popping A mans cherry! Taking a mans virginity.
I popped your berry!

I took your berry!
I laid down with him and he offered me his berry.
by Splurge Salon & Spa February 06, 2009

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