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Berrying is wheb a girl purs her favourite soauce (eg. chocolate, creeam, ketchu etc.) onto a boys penis, before giving him a blowjob.
"I totally used a berry on him last night. We used Ben & Jerry's ice cream."
by Cornflake.Master May 06, 2009
18 29
The female vagina, what all men long for.
The older the berry, the sweeter the juice!
by Squishymatrix July 25, 2005
38 53
a female who sleeps around for weed, crack or alcohol.
he got berried out last night.
by EB April 01, 2005
62 77
I Heard Shes A Berry, Shes Had A Girlfriend And A Boyfriend Before.
by Xebby July 10, 2008
20 36
A greeting, a way to agree that something is bad, or a way to describe something.
Luke: Joanne Harvey is pregnant.
Jack: Berry bad.
Luke: Berry.
by Luke Cook July 28, 2008
3 25
Popping A mans cherry! Taking a mans virginity.
I popped your berry!

I took your berry!
I laid down with him and he offered me his berry.
by Splurge Salon & Spa February 06, 2009
28 51
A brain, or the inside of one's head.
All this thinking gives me a pain in the berry.
by NotSteve September 11, 2006
21 45