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The most wonderful creature ever to walk this earth.
Berri is so wonerfully amazing, I hope that she never perishes!
by Berri March 31, 2004
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A helium addict, usually used in association with "damn teenagers."
Dude, your voice is soooo high. Are you a berri?
by The Infamous Bob April 20, 2005
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Stuck-up little liberal bitch. Supports communism in all forums, and has Clinton's dick so far up her ass, she eats it for breakfast. Usually a 'punk' by today's standards.
Jesus, that loser is such a berri.
by Dead Head January 08, 2005
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To have a total face!

Disgusting facial appearance
That boy over there, he's got a berris likes!
by Skin84 October 02, 2006
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Berri is a girl who tends to get lost in her imagination. Her world is surrounded by candy and happiness, so pulling her down into the dumps is not a great idea. Her smile always warm hearts and she's always open to new ideas. Her heart is huge and always open for someone else, and she'd do anything in her power to put a smile on your face. In her free time, she enjoys singing and dancing to the melody in her head. She's extremely creative and quirky but everyone loves her for who she is, even if she calls you out on an inside joke in public. Don't even get me started on her love for animals. Her artistic ability allows her to cope with people better than most, inside out, she does her best to understand every side of the story and will stop at nothing to figure something out. She's beyond beautiful in the best of ways, though can be a little insecure at times. All she needs is a hug, so give her one!
We found a stray cat, but it belongs to Berri now.

She's definitely on the wild side, must be a Berri.
by Lilacci March 07, 2017
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