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A man built like a house, with a sizzling personality and amazing shoulders who also does not know what soon means.
That house is built like a Bernard.
by WONG. November 18, 2006
The most awsome person in the world that is god like in everybodys eyes.
Bernard is a God!
by Goku is on halo March 19, 2009
An completely awesome and cute guy that never ceases to make and keep his significant other happy. He is faithful and trustworthy and you can definitely tell him anything that is on your mind no matter how weird or embarrassing.
Wow he looks like a Bernard so im gonna go make friends with him!
by Nazlyn101 April 11, 2011
The act of a woman sucking a mans asshole to give the man sexual pleasure. When the genders are reversed it is referred to as a "Bernardette"
Man - "I got so drunk last night man, I agreed to a girl giving me a bernard"

Man 2 - "That's real fuckin weird man"

Man - "It was actually kinda nice"
by NotABradOrAnEllis June 16, 2013
An anonymous character that lurks on YouTube around DnB videos.
They often make 'phantom' comments that confuse and puzzle the average listener.
Commenter 1:"im still looking for ''Bernard's'' comment"
Commenter 2:"someone please tell me who in the fuck is bernard"
Commenter 1:"fuck u bernard. u wasted 10 minutes of my life looking for your comment"
by LukeHandle December 30, 2011
Has a particular passion for burning kitchen waste for example banana skins or used tea bags.

Refers to industrial and domestic kitchens.
Be a Bernard and sort this mess out.
by Izad-1998 June 11, 2011
A Golden dog known as a retrieving dog. Also defined as a golden retreiver. Loves to Pant in your face. Loves to shake that thang (tail) all the time. Steals shoes to greet you. Whines when excited.
WOAH ur so annoying..geez you bernard!!
by ashley and sarah August 23, 2006

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