In mountain biking terms - A cambered corner allowing the rider to continue at high speed
He really railed that berm
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
Top Definition
combination of beer and sperm, as relating to the odor of a sorority girl after a hard night's partying.
Yeah she was hot, but when she talked you could smell the berm.
by Monkey January 09, 2005
The sound a Turtle makes.
by Frog lady January 13, 2011
The Berm consists of dirt, rocks, leaves, empty tins and dead hookers. The most famous berm (known as "Big Mike's Berm") was created in Garrison, NY, in the summer of 2009 by two drunken workers from the area.

Also the residence of the mysterious, "Red", the former lover of the famous rope-smith, Placenta.
"Yo lets go paint some fences or something."
"Nah, Big Mike wants this berm moved 6 inches to the left between that tree and rock."
"We just finished raking it over and planting seed dude.."
"The only seed that will be planted at the berm is Red's seed."


"I just found Red sleeping at the berm with Big Bertha."
"Really dude??"
"Yeah dude he was blaring Drake on a Yellow Boombox."
by Big Berm January 20, 2010
Berm is when a cluster semen rots in a ball sack over a period of several months before being released. It has the consitancy of tapioca pudding including the random chunks. Scientists still arn't quite sure what these chunks are made of and only know that they emit a potent odor resembling that of a homeless man's unwashed chode mixed with the smell of year old milk left out in the sun.
Person 1:"Dude, I didn't beat off for three months and when I finally did it was all brown and chunky."
Person 2:"You mean you Bermed... and you're still alive?"
Person 1:"You think I should go to the hospital?"
Person 2:"No... but I call dibs on your sterio."
by Bob Wehadababyeetsaboy April 27, 2006
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