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5 definitions by Chris Allen

Exclamation used on revealing a surprise or on completion of a hard task. Often accompanied with jazz hands pose.
alice shouted "ta da" as she finished her complicated dance routine
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
67 29
Meat flute meaning penis from the scandinavian term 'playing the meat flute'
"Are you playing the meat flute under that blanket?"
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
67 30
In mountain biking terms - A cambered corner allowing the rider to continue at high speed
He really railed that berm
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
43 13
Place name, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. Hangout for swingers. Appears on map but all signs have been removed, so proving you have been there is impossible.
"Paul stroked his bone in cockalley"


"Ben played with his balls in Cockalley"


"Chris packed fudge in Cockalley"
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
6 1
An object that is apparently indestructible. Often used in reference to anything that has been overbuilt or had additional material welded to it.
Mike's new BMX is bomb proof!
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
5 3