Blue plastacine charactor from the 80s cartoon Trapdoor. Overworked servant to the thing upstairs!
Damn Globits! I loves a bit of bonkin'! BERRRRRRRRRK! FEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEEE!
by Pete the Boss August 19, 2004
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An idiot. Similar in tone to 'prat', 'prick', 'twat' or similar. Originally from the rhyming slang 'Berkeley Hunt', for 'cunt', although not generally considered as offensive as that.
What did you do that for, you stupid berk?
by Axel Fendersson January 26, 2006
Verb. To annoy the hell out of someone by constantly forcing people into arguments they don't wish to be a part of; to make your argument known in such a way that make it evident to the other person that you think you're better than everyone else.

Noun. A person who engages in such activity or behaviour. Berks often suffer from delusions of grandeur and can be surprisingly unaware of their behaviour.

This meaning of berk is closely associated to its well-known meaning having it's origins in Berkeley in the 1930s.
Dude, stop being a berk!

You're being such a berk right now.

Ana is berking the hell out of John.
by berknomore September 06, 2014
Something you say when you're really pissed at somebody because they're being annoying.
*Somebody hits you in the arm*

*Somebody sticks tomatoes in your hood and pulls it over your head*
by licensetokyle March 28, 2004
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