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A Japanese box for holding gohan (rice), that should preferably cost about 10-20 dollars, be chibi (small) -sized and kawaii (cute), have 2 kotoba, not be made in China or Corea (Korea), be made out of ceramics but NOT plastic, come with a matching chopstick holder (WITH matching chopsticks), and not be pinku (pink) or any other girl color.
Im looking for a bento box, it cant be pinku (thats japanese for pink) or any girl color.
by Exorcism Tongs June 01, 2003
Asian Vagina. A complimentary term for and Asian, implying it tastes great.
Ohh kind sir, can you please heat up my bento box?

In a rap song "Bento...Bento...Bento"

pussy asian
by Slanger67 February 22, 2010
(v): The act of farting in the gondola ride up Mount Fuji.
"Oh crap, Joe, did you just bento box this gondola? Banzaii!!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
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