Probably the funniest coupple in Hollywood history, right up there with the two individuals who were married for 6 hours back in 1919.
by miss sarcastic September 29, 2003
A couple made up of a Latina and a Boston dunce who get married for the sole purpose of getting more attention to boost their careers. They also complain about the amount of attention they get because they know that this action will ultimately get them more attention.
I wish I could open a magazine and not see something about the newest bennifer.
by Susan September 14, 2003
one whose romantic relationships are doomed to failure.
I feel so bad for Sally. She's a total bennifer.
by Mo August 27, 2003
The "it" couple we used to love, but hate now because we're busy loving other "it" couples.
Ashton and Demi make Bennifer look sick.
by Danielle Forrester August 04, 2003
The publicity stunt that was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's alleged relationship. You knew that they would break up after "Gigli" because that movie sucked major ass.

What's up with J-Lo's gay man fetish anyway? First she marries a male dancer (and you know ALL male dancers prefer hot dogs to tacos). Then she allegedly gets engaged to Affleck!
You know Bennifer was a publicity stunt. Ben Affleck would NEVER cheat on his butt buddy Matt Damon, especially with a used-up skank like J-HO!
by Bozz Hawg April 15, 2004
any movie with ben affleck and jennifer lopez in the lead roles.
I can't believe Kevin Smith is directing a Bennifer movie!
by alternity April 11, 2003
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflecks name togther when they where togther
"BENIFFER" Ben + Jennifer
by Mike May 01, 2004

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